The use of drugs and medical devices to improve cognitive performance is a controversial topic


Neuro-Enhancement: Responsible Research and Innovation.
A three-years project supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme which aims to contribute to the introduction of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in neuro-enhancement (NE).

Super me

The NERRI project will join the Euroscience Open Forum in June. The NERRI event will take place on 23rd June in Copenhagen.

Interview with Prof. József Kovács

Judit Sándor interviewed the Hungarian bioethicist József Kovács from Semmelweis University.

New medicines for serious conditions: do the risks outweigh the benefits?

When testing a new drug, medicines regulators need to consider pros and cons. But should they also talk with patients and listen to their opinions?

Mutual Learning Event in Nijmegen (The Netherlands)

Would you like to join the NERRI debate? Here an opportunity for the people living in The Netherlands

Reflections on “Normal behaviour”, and Neuro-Enhancement, according to the views expressed in the interviews recorded by NERRI Project

One of the problem NERRI is facing is the definition of "normality". What is on normal? What isn't? Here a reflection proposed by our Icelandic partners about "normal behaviour" and "normality".

German Debates on Neuro-enhancement

Jürgen Hampel and Isabel Schneider give a picture of the debate about neuro-enhancement in Germany.

How popular are “smart drugs”?

Ilina Singh and Gabija Didžiokaitė make a brief overview about some problematics found in research on cognitive enhancement prevalence.