The use of cognition-enhancing drugs by healthy individuals in the absence of a medical indication is one of the most debated topics among neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and physicians who spans a number of issues, including the ethics and fairness of Their use, concerns over adverse effects, and the diversion of prescription drugs for nonmedical uses, among others. Nonetheless, the international sales …

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Cognitive training

The term “cognitive formation” (also referred to as cerebral or neurobiological formation) reflects an assumption that cognitive abilities can be maintained or enhanced by exercising the brain, by analogy with how physical fitness is enhanced by exercising the body.

Memory improvement

Improving memory is the act of improving one’s memory. Medical research on memory deficits and age-related memory loss resulted in new explanations and treatment techniques to improve memory, including diet, exercise, stress management , Cognitive therapy and pharmaceutical drugs. Neuroimaging and cognitive neuroscience have provided neurobiological evidence supporting holistic means in which memory can be …

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Cash Advance

A cash advance is a short-term borrowing option that you can avail from the bank through your credit card. Banks usually allow credit card holders to use up a portion of their credit limit for immediate cash needs. You can withdraw this portion of your credit limit directly over-the-counter or through an ATM machine.

Why should you get a bad credit business loan?

<!– wp:paragraph –> <p>Get cash without any hassles. Applying for a traditional loan is a lengthy process that requires paperwork and credit checks. Lenders make it easy for you to apply for loans directly from their online site.&nbsp;</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –> <!– wp:paragraph –> <p>Quick places to cash. The time needed to proceed to payment …

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Debt Consolidation Loans

A debt consolidation loan is a form of refinancing that allows the borrower to get rid of other debt sources. This can be done by securing a loan from only one lender which will essentially be used to pay off other outstanding debt.