what are nootropic

The nootropics (from nous mind and tropos bend) or nootropics are drugs , the drugs , plants and various substances having an action of modulation of physiology and psychology involving cognitive increase and that no or relatively little effect Health hazards at standard doses. Nootropics are promoted in transhumanism as a general means of improving living conditions, or for specific purposes, such as increased motivation. Since the year 2000, more substances (eg, rivastigmine , the galantamine or aniracetam) are …

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Basmisanil (INN) (developmental code names RG-1662, RO5186582) is a highly selective inverse agonist / negative allosteric modulator of GABA A receptors containing an α 5 subunit developed by Roche for the treatment of cognitive impairments associated with the syndrome Of Down. In August 2015, these are Phase II clinical trials for this indication.