Better Angels

Better Angels is a science fiction novel by Howard V. Hendrix first published in 1999.

Plot introduction

Better Angels is a prequel to Hendrix’s Earlier Novels Lightpath and Standing Wave , filling in history about how the characters de ces novels cam to be Who They Are.

Explanation of the novel’s title

“Better angels” is a phrase that is used by agents of organization to describe what they hope to achieve. Tetragrammatron is concerned with providing human survival by creating a machine / human transcendence, turning humans into “better angels”. quote needed ]

Release details

  • 1999, Penguin Putnam Inc., United States of America ISBN  0-441-00652-3 , Pub date 15 October 1999, Hardback
  • 2000, United States of America, Penguin Putnam Inc. ISBN  0-441-00767-8 , Pub Date 7 November 2000, Paperback

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