Brian Hanley (microbiologist)

Brian Hanley (1957-) is an American microbiologist and founder of Butterfly Sciences. He is known to use an experimental gene therapy to try to improve health, and is the first subject in the study [1] [2] .


Hanley was 60 years old as of February 2017 and holds a PhD in Microbiology from University of California, Davis . [3] [4] [5]

In 2009 he founded Butterfly Sciences in Davis, California to develop a gene therapy to treat HIV AIDS using a combination of GHRH [6] and an intracellular vaccine [5] [7] . He has numerous articles and blog posts [8] [9] [10] , and academic publications in epidemiology, biotechnology, and economics, as well as a portfolio of patents [11] .

Chimerism theory of transgender and homosexuality

Hanley says that when embryos merge at an early stage, what happens when one becomes the ectoderm, the endoderm, and the mesoderm is up for grabs. In rare cases, an embryo can split laterally with all 3 layers. This was found in a bird, for instance. The nervous system forms from a fold in ectoderm. Gonads form from endoderm. And, each organ typically forms from one cell apparently. So each organ will be expected to be nearly 100% from one embryo or the other, except in very rare cases. There is some infiltration of cells from the other embryo, but it’s minor. This means that typically, the brain will form one embryo, and the gonads from a different one. [12]

Hanley appears to be the originator of this theory, that half the time when human embryos merge the brain will be one sex, and gonads and body form will be the opposite sex. [13] .


Hanley said that when he could not raise money for butterfly, he was able to get proof of concept by testing the gene therapy on himself. He said that he has designed the plasmid containing a gene encoding for growth hormone-releasing hormone and had it made by a scientific supply company for around $ 10,000. [2] However, the total cost of development was over $ 500,000 [14] .

He Said That he corresponded with the FDA prior to starting His self-experimentation, and que la FDA Told _him_ he needed to file and get approval for an Investigational New Drug (IND) Application before he tested the plasmid was person; not having obtained an IND, he proceeded without it. [2] As there is a long history of self-experimentation in medicine , and the Nuremberg codes, which are the founding of ethics in medicine, the self-experimentation in code number 5 [15] , this appears to be no problem.

He presented his protocol to a private institutional review board (IRB), the Institute of Regenerative and Cellular Medicine in Santa Monica, California . [2] IRBs review proposed clinical research plans.

A physician assisted in Hanley’s thesis using electroporation . [2] The plasmids were administered twice: once in the summer of 2015 and a second larger dose in July 2016. [2] [16] [17]

Hanley said that the treatment has helped him. [16] Reddit-Capsule results: Testosterone up 20% with a peak increase of 77%. White blood counts up 16% with a peak of 40%. Lipid profile improved: HDLs up to 76, a rise of 20%. LDL down 20%. Triglycerides down 50%, with a low being down 60%. Healing time is much faster. Pulse rate dropped by 10 beats per minute or more. [12] [18]

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