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The British Society for Nanomedicine ( BSNM ) is the primary UK nanomedicine society. Members of the society are drawn from the general public, academia, industry, regulatory agencies and healthcare professionals. The Society is a registered charity (Charity number 1151497) whose mission includes the direct explanation of the ongoing science and commercial developments to enable the public to understand and impact on the future of nanomedicine.. The society is also actively involved in the organization of multidisciplinary scientific meetings to encourage dissemination of the latest advances and foster collaboration. Nanomedicine Involves the Application of nanotechnology to medicine for Either Improved drug delivery , diagnostics or regenerative medicine applications. This scientific discipline is highly multidisciplinary involving chemists , pharmacologists , biologists , biochemists , physicists , engineers and clinicians . citation needed]


The Society was founded in 2012, in Liverpool at its inaugural meeting that was attended by 70 scientists from different disciplines from around the globe. The Chair (Professor Andrew Owen) and Vice Chair (Professor Steve Rannard) of the Board of Trustees of the University of Liverpool , from Swansea University (Professor Steve Conlan) Herriot Watt University (Professor Vicki Stone). The inaugural meeting attracted delegates from around the world of active board members for the American Society for Nanomedicine (ASNM) and the European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine(CLINAM). [1]


The British Society For Nanomedicine publishes a journal which promotes nanomedicine:

The Journal of Interdisciplinary Nanomedicine ( JOIN ) [2] is published by Wiley

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