Victor Skumin

Victor Andreevich Skumin ( Russian : Виктор Андреевич Скумин , born 30 August 1948) is a Russian and Soviet scientist , psychiatrist , psychotherapist and psychologist . Continue Reading

Svetoslav Roerich

Svetoslav Nikolaevich Roerich ( Russian : Светослав or Святослав Николаевич Рерих ) (23 October 1904 – 30 January 1993), Russian and Indian painter , son of Helena and Nicholas Roerich , studied from a young age under his father’s tutelage. [1] He studied architecture in England in 1919 and entered Columbia University’s School of Architecture in 1920. He won the Grand Prix of the Sesquicentennial Exposition in Philadelphia in 1926. Continue Reading

Nicholas Roerich

Nicholas Roerich ( / r ɜːr ɪ x / ; October 9, 1874 – December 13, 1947) – Known aussi as Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh (Russian: Николай Константинович Рерих ) – was a Russian painter, writer, archaeologist , theosophist , Perceived By Some in Russia as an enlightener , [1] philosopher , and public figure , who in his youth was influenced by a movement in the Russian society around the spiritual. He was interested in hypnosis and other spiritual practicesand his paintings are said to have hypnotic expression. [2] [3] Continue Reading

Helena Roerich

Helena Ivanovna Roerich (born Shaposhnikova ) ( Russian : Елена Ивановна Рерих ; February 12, 1879 – October 5, 1955) was a Russian theosophist , [2] writer, and public figure. In the early 20th century, she created, in cooperation with the Teachers of the East, a philosophical teaching of Living Ethics (” Agni Yoga “). [3] She was an organizer and participant of cultural activity in the US, led by Nicholas Roerich . Along with her husband, she took part in expeditions of hard-to-reach and little-investigated regions of Central Asia. She was an Honorary President-Founder of the Institute of Himalayan Studies “Urusvati” in India and co-author of the idea of ​​the International Treaty for Protection of Artistic and Scientific Institutions and Historical Monuments ( Roerich’s Pact ). She translated two volumes of the Secret Doctrine of HP Blavatsky , and aussi selected Mahatma’s Letters ( Cup of the East ), from English to Russian. Continue Reading

George de Roerich

George Nicholas of Roerich ( Russian : Юрий Николаевич Рёрих, pronounced [jʉrʲɪj nʲɪkəlajɪvʲɪtɕ rʲɵrʲɪx] ) (August 16, 1902 in Okulovka , Novgorod Governorate – May 21, 1960 in Moscow ) was a prominent 20th century Tibetologist . His name at birth was Yuri [1] Nikolaevich Rerikh . Tibetan studies of Tibetan dialectology, his monumental translation of the Blue Annals , and his 11-volume Tibetan-Russian-English dictionary (published posthumously). Continue Reading

Roerich Pact

The Treaty on the Protection of Artistic and Scientific Institutions and Historic Monuments or Roerich Pact is an inter-American treaty . The MOST significant idea of the Roerich Pact is the legal recognition que la defense of cultural objects is more significant than the use or destruction of That crop for Military Purposes , and the protection of cultural HAS always precedence over Any military necessity . Continue Reading

Banner of Peace

The banner of peace is a symbol of the Roerich Pact . This pact is the first international treaty dedicated to the protection of artistic and scientific institutions and historical monuments. [1] It was signed on April 15, 1935. The banner of peace was proposed by Nicholas Roerich for an international treaty for the protection of cultural values. Continue Reading

Agni Yoga

Agni Yoga is a spiritual teaching by the artist Nicholas Roerich and his wife Helena Roerich from 1920. [1] The followers of Agni Yoga believe that the teaching is given to the Roerich family and their associates by Master Morya , the guru of Helena Blavatsky , founder of the Theosophical Society . In the seventeen volumes of Agni Yoga, the Agni Yoga teaching is also referred to as Teaching of Living Ethics, the Teaching of Life, Teaching of Life of Light, or simply as “the Teaching.” Continue Reading


Rerikhism [1] or Roerichism ( Russian : Рерихизм , Рерихианство , Рериховское движение ) is a spiritual and cultural movement centered on the teachings of Helena and Nicholas Roerich . [2] It draws ideas from Theosophy , Eastern and Western religions , and Vedic and Buddhist traditions, molding them into the Russian culture [3] and Russian cosmism. [4] [5] Continue Reading