Orion’s Arm

Orion’s Arm (also called the Orion’s Arm Universe Project , OAUP , or simply OA ) is a multi-authored online science fiction world-building project, first established in 2000 [2] by M. Alan Kazlev, Donna Malcolm Hirsekorn, Bernd Helfert and Anders Sandberg and further co-authored by many people since. [3] Anyone can contribute articles, stories, artwork, or music to the website. A large mailing list exists, [4] in which members debate aspects of the world they are creating, discussing additions, modifications, issues arising, and work to be done. Continue Reading


In DC Comics ‘ DC Universe , a metahuman is a superhuman . citation needed ] The term is roughly synonymous with both mutant and mutated in the Marvel Universe and posthumanin the Wildstorm and Ultimate Marvel Universes. In DC Comics, the term is used loosely in most instances to be human-like being with extranormal powers and abilities, be aliens, mutant, or magical in nature. A significant portion of these is a genetic variable called “metagene”, [1] which causes them to gain powers and abilities during freak accidents or times of intense psychological distress. Continue Reading


The Inhumans are a fictional race of superhumans appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . Continue Reading

H +: The Digital Series

H +: The Digital Series (often abbreviated as H + ) is a web series produced by Bryan Singer and created by John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso. The series, which explores the subject of transhumanism , premiered on August 8, 2012 on YouTube with two episodes. Two new episodes were released on the week end of the season on January 16, 2013. A second season was announced in January 2013. However, there have been no updates since. [2] Continue Reading

Eclipse Phase

Eclipse Phase is a science fiction horror [1] role-playing game with transhumanist themes. [2] Futurist Anders Sandberg noted its differences from GURPS Transhuman Spaceincluded its emphasis on posthuman (rather than transhuman ) characters and cosmic horror. [3] Originally published by Catalyst Game Labs , [4] Eclipse Phase is now published by the game’s creators, Posthuman Studios , and is released under a Creative Commons license. [5] [6][7] [8] In 2010, it won the 36th Annual Origins award for Best Roleplaying Game. [9] It also won three 2010 ENnie awards : Gold for Best Writing, Silver for Best Cover Art, and Silver for Product of the Year. [10] Continue Reading

Transhumanist politics

Transhumanist politics is a group of political ideologies that express the belief in improving human beings through science and technology. [1] Transhumanists claim that the transhumanist movement aims to improve humanity with technology and science (for example, through life extension , moral enhancement and the abolition of suffering ). American adjunct professor and author Jeanine Thweatt-Bates considers it possible to define transhumanist politics have one set of beliefs, as the transhumanist movement includes opposite political perspectives on the central issueof regulating technology. [2] James Hughes , American sociologist and bioethicist, has noted the dynamic between left-leaning and right-leaning visions for transhumanism and the future of technology and human enhancement. [3] Continue Reading

London Futurists

London Futurists is a London-based educational and networking event based on future studies and transhumanism across a range of disciplines. Topics include the technological singularity as well as emerging technologies and social impact Their. [1] Continue Reading

Martine Rothblatt

Martine Aliana Rothblatt (born 1954) is an American lawyer, author, and entrepreneur. Rothblatt graduated from University of California, Los Angeles with a combined law and MBA degree in 1981, then began work in Washington, DC , first in the field of satellite communications law, and eventually in life sciences projects like the Human Genome Project . [5] She is the founder and Chairwoman of the Board of United Therapeutics . She was also the CEO of GeoStar and the creator of SiriusXM Satellite Radio . [6] Continue Reading

Lifeboat Foundation

The Lifeboat Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Reno, Nevada , dedicated to the prevention of global catastrophic risk . [1] [2] Technology journalist Ashlee Vance describes Lifeboat as “a nonprofit that seeks to protect people from some seriously catastrophic technology-related events”. [3] Continue Reading


LessWrong , also written as Less Wrong , is a community blog and forum focused on cognitive biases , philosophy , psychology , economics , rationality , and artificial intelligence , among other topics. [1] [2] Continue Reading