CP Dunphey

Charles Patrick Dunphey (born November 22, 1992) is an American author from Staten Island, New York who lives in southern Mississippi .

His early work, a science fiction horror novel titled Plane Walker , Was released in April 2016. Dunphey est aussi a movie reviewer , [1] and founder of Hinnom Gehenna and Books.

Dunphey holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Southern Mississippi .

Early life

C. P. Dunphey was born in Staten Island, New York before moving to Brooklyn, New York . Mississippi, Dunphey and his family moved to Meridian, Mississippi before settling in Picayune, Mississippi . From a very young age, Dunphey was fascinated with science fiction, and horror , often filling composition notebooks front to back with space operas and horror stories. [2] He was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at a very young age, often citing this disease as the source of his creativity. [3] After graduating from Picayune High School Memorial , Dunphey would waitPearl River Community College in Poplarville, Mississippi where he would receive his Associate’s in Arts . Then he moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi and received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Writing career

C. P. Dunphey’s first credited publication was in December 2012 when he was 19 years old. [4] The novel titled Lazarus , which would evolve into a four-year-old Plane Walker , was released independently, published by Amazon’ssubsidiary company Createspace . Dunphey has expressed that it is not necessarily important of this work, citing many different reasons. According to an interview with Dunphey on J. Scott Coatsworth’s blog, Dunphey called the first book “rushed” and “lacking of patience” in narrative. [3]From 2012-2016, Dunphey worked on the manuscript and was originally published on the subject of having extensive manuscripts and extensive editing. The publication of Plane Walker and the formation of Gehenna Publishing House is followed by a period in which he is practically homeless, inciting a desire for change in his writing. [5]

Dunphey HAD beens aussi publié en columns of the comic books Haunt and Spawn , though thesis Were Merely guest interviews concernant the plots and characters of the series Where He Was Such ble to speak with writers and artists as Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo , respectivement.

In April 2016, the finished product of Plane Walker was released on Amazon through Dunphey ‘s small press, Gehenna Publishing House (also known as Gehenna & Hinnom Books). The novel is primarily a positive review, Dunphey’s writing being compared to Thomas Ligotti , HP Lovecraft , Philip K. Dick , and John Carpenter , among others. [6] Dunphey’s philosophical and often poetic language has been the center of much discussion. [7] On the contrary, veteran sci-fi magazine Amazing Storiesfelt the novel was “slow to start” and that it “focused too much on minutia” even if work itself was “well-written.” [8]

Plane Walker Became a Five Star Reader’s Favorite , [9] a Pitch Perfect Pick winner on Underground Book Reviews, [10] was nominated for the Eric Hoffer Award , [11] and became a bestseller on Amazon in the genre of Hard Science fiction [ 12] in May 2016.

In 2017, Dunphey has several upcoming stories published in anthologies . Most notably, the Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum’s anthology series is publishing two of Dunphey’s stories in two separate anthologies, set for release in mid-2017. [13] Dunphey aussi annoncé is social media in late-2016 That he plan to release the sequel to Plane Walker along with a short story collection by the end of the year.


C. P. Dunphey has cited several authors of being inspired by an author. Most notably, called Expired He Has His favorite author HP Lovecraft while Stating Frank Herbert ‘s Dune as His favorite novel. [14] HP Lovecraft, Thomas Ligotti, Stephen King , JRR Tolkien , and others. [3] Readers and reviewers have described Dunphey’s style as poetic and lyrical while maintaining a horror and science fiction scope. Dunphey is also a self-proclaimed science fiction and horror nut , finding inspiration for his writing in such films as Event HorizonThe Texas Chain Saw Massacre , Jacob’s Ladder , The Alien franchise , The Terminator franchise , and video game series Such As Dead Space . [15]

Gehenna House Publishing / Gehenna & Hinnom Books

In November 2015, C. P. Dunphey founded the company Gehenna Publishing House with the hopes of reaching out to the United States , having felt they were underrated and generally unspoken for. [16] Signing On Several authors dans le first FEW months, the company Quickly est devenu too much for one Dunphey to Maintain His Own as he tried to helm the Entire company by himself, Stating this on social media in late 2016. [17] Since then, the company has formed into Gehenna & Hinnom Books, a small press still operated by Dunphey with the hopes to provide classic works of science fiction and horror to young readers .

In April 2017, Gehenna & Hinnom Books revealed a call for submissions on their new site. [18] The topic of the anthology will be body horror and the expected release date is November 2017, with the attempt title, Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology . In celebration of the genus, Gehenna & Hinnom started a review of movies and novels in their visceral horror , their first reviews for the 2016 Science fiction horror movie, The Void , and the 2016 horror movie, The Eyes of My Mother . [19] [20] The publisher also announced the upcoming release of an interview with Lovecraft scholar, ST Joshi .[21]

On April 29, 2017, The Gehenna Post released a review for the 2016 film, The Girl With All the Gifts . [22]

On May 1, 2017, interview with Lovecraft scholar, Joshi ST , titled, “Questions over Innsmouth ,” was released. [23]

On May 28, Gehenna & Hinnom announced tentatively titled, Year’s Best Transhuman SF 2017 Anthology . [24]

On June 30th, Gehenna & Hinnom released the first issue of their magazine series, Hinnom Magazine , featuring stories of horror, fantasy, science fiction, a film review of Alien: Covenant and the interview with ST Joshi. [25]

On July 28th, The Gehenna Post interviewed by dark fiction author, TE Grau.

On August 31st, the second volume of Hinnom Magazine will be released. [26]

Between August 2nd, and August 4th, The Gehenna post reviewed the short film anthology from Oats Studios of which South African director Neill Blomkamp was the helm. [27] [28] [29]

On August 10th, Gehenna & Hinnom Announced Their Body Horror Anthology as Releasing on September 30th of 2017, along with the table of contents and the cover reveal. [30]

On August 16th, the Gehenna Post reviewed the 2017 horror movie , Annabelle: Creation . [31]


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