Cyborg art

Cyborg art , also known as cyborgism , [1] is an art movement that began in the mid-2000s in Britain . [2] It is based on the creation and addition of new senses to the body via cybernetic implants [3] and the creation of art works through new senses. [4] Cyborg artworks are created by cyborg artists; [5] artists whose senses have been voluntarily enhanced through cybernetic implants. [6] Among the early artists shaping the cyborg art movement are Neil Harbisson , whose antenna implant allows him to perceive ultraviolet and infrared colors, [7] and Moon Ribaswhose implants in her elbows [8] allow her to feel earthquakes and moonquakes. [9] Other cyborg artists include Manel Muñoz, a Catalan photographer who has developed a barometric system that allows him to perceive atmospheric pressure changes. [10]


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