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The Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in New York , New York , United States . Founded in 2014, LEAF is Directly Supporting Fundamental Research on the hand Mechanisms of aging and age-related diseases [1] and Disseminating knowledge about the possibility to bring aging under medical control in order to prevent prevention, postpone and cure age-related diseases [2 ] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] .

The flagship project of LEAF is, a nonprofit crowdfunding platform focused on the biomedical research of aging. As of 2017, the platform has hosted 6 successful projects, including two projects by the SENS Research Foundation : an OncoSENS ALT-related project in 2016 and a MitoSENS mitochondrial repair-focused project in 2015. [9]

Outreach and education

Regular activities

LEAF maintains a variety of educational activities:

  • Blog & Newsletter that explains the basic science of aging and its processes under the control of hallmarks of aging [10] under medical control, including both animal studies and human clinical trials .
  • Livestreamed Monthly Scientific Journal Club , providing an in depth review of the latest scientific articles in aging research.
  • Events – hosting online and offline conferences to discuss different aspects of aging and longevity and their impact on society. [8] [11]
  • Talks – speaking engagements at scientific and public conferences to disseminate up-to-date results of rejuvenation research, demographic trends, and the individual, social, and economic benefits of implementing technologies. [12]

Media collaborations

In 2017, as a share of ict outreach activities, LEAF Provided scientific advice to help Kurzgesagt create two popular science educational videos about biological aging and the potential of regenerative medicine to address icts Underlying Mechanisms to extend the healthy period of life. [13] [14] .

Fundraising for aging research at

To date, has hosted the following projects:

  • MitoSENS: Engineering backup copies of mitochondrial genes to place in the nucleus of the cell, aiming to prevent age-related damage and restore lost mitochondrial function. [15] [9]
  • Major Mouse Testing Program (MMTP): Testing a new class of compounds, senolytics , their ability to extend healthy lifespan by clearing out dysfunctional cells in the body. [16]
  • OncoSENS: High-throughput Screening for a Variety of Cancer Treatment for ‘ALT’ Cancers, Those Which Rely on Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres [17] .
  • CellAge: Designing new systems for detection and safe removal of dysfunctional senescent cells to improve health and treat age-related diseases. [18]
  • AgeMeter: Developing a diagnostic system to measure human function in chronological age, and assisting in the assessment of anti-aging therapeutics. [19]
  • MouseAge: Using AI and computer vision techniques to determine the effect of therapies against aging in mice, increasing the pace of research. [20]

Donors and supporters

LEAF and have received support from the following public figures: Jim Mellon (British entrepreneur and investor, author of Juvenescence ), Aubrey de Gray (chief science officer of the SENS Research Foundation , Michael Greve (German entrepreneur and founder of the Forever Healthy Foundation ), Bill Gelpi (entrepreneur), Zoltan Istvan (futurist, US President candidate), Didier Coeurnelle (President of HEALES ), Alex Nell Watson (Alumni of Singularity University , future researcher of Artificial Intelligence ), Alex Zhavoronkov (CEO at Insilico Medicine ).


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