Omowole Agbolade

Agbolade Omowole is a technology researcher, [1] writer, blogger, life coach and businessman. He is a contributing writer at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies [2] [3] [4]and a member of the Christian Transhumanist Association. [5] He is the founder of Nigeria ICT Fest , whose goal is to bridge the gap between Nigeria and the developed world. He believes that the only way Nigeria and other developing nations in Africa can catch-up with the world is by leveraging emerging technologies. He is one of the stakeholders in Nigeria. [6]He is the author of the book “Program like Bill Gates” which is available on Amazon . [7]


Agbolade’s articles have been published by Punch, Vanguard, Guardian, ThisDay, the Daily Independent, Tribune, The Sun and the Daily Times Newspaper. He maintained a column with Guardian Newspaper, Nigeria from 2009-2010 on human capital development, Neuro Linguistic Programming. In 2015, he maintained a column with the Vanguard Newspaper Society and Social Media. [8]

According to the report on the World Lumen Congress 2016 website, Agbolade was invited to speak at the international scientific conference in Romania on “Physical, Digital, and Religious Immortality.” He described himself as a technology researcher and human capital development expert in an IEET article. His research interests include digital media , scientific transhumanism, and artificial intelligence . He is working on connecting the dots between religion and science. [1]

He is the founder of Nigeria ICT Fest . [9] According to an article on the Public Relations Nigeria website, Nigeria ICT Fest was described as an initiative to engender economic development in Nigeria by leveraging information and communications technologies , specifically emerging technologies – robotics , artificial intelligence , genetic engineering , bio-technology , nanotechnology , virtual reality , 3D printing , among others. In the article, the author stated that the vision of Nigeria ICT Fest is the bridge between Nigeria and Nigeriaand the developed world. [10] [11] [12]


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